Every charm is a deeply personal instrument. It is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

Do not underestimate the reason why you are here and reading these lines.

I wrote this for you.
In a way, I already know you. In a way, you already feel your charm.

Choose the jewellery that spoke to you.
Place an order.
Record a 1min video of you telling me your desire to my e-mail:

I will connect to you telepathically. By concentrating physical earth energy in my body and accumulating astral energy through the chakra system, I connect to Alchemy, Reiki, Celtic Magic egregors and Alchemy portal for your desire. Charm's energy transforms according your personal vibrations and the vibrations of your wish. It becomes the charm that works only for you and is active as long as it exists.

Sometimes charms break when they have achieved the goal. Mostly charms stay in you life and are the source of strength in the field they were programmed in.

There is no need to recharge or purify your charm. Charm is active itself and keeps the flow of energy active all the time.

Charm accelerates the obtaining of your wish and desire by 3-10 times. Do not be afraid. Charm will give you us much as you are ready for and will help you addapt to the new flow you will have in your life. Charm works only with positive energies and will make your life better.

I celebrate today with you! This is the day you made a difference in your life.

With love,