Love charms

Replace the energy of loneliness. Open your way towards love. Meet your soul mate who will teach and show you the true feeling of love and affection. 

Money charms

Neutralize your blocks and support the free flow of money energy. It will bring you new ideas, opportunities ,and customers. It will help you make the right decisions.

Health charms

Let your vitality flow freely and give you good health. Let go of your sickness and replace it with the manifestation of your true and genuine expression of yourself. 

Field protection charms

Do you get headaches or unexplainable anxiety? Give yourself a shield. EMF protection charms neutralize the negative radiation effects on your body. 

Harmonious body charms

 It will help you keep and strengthen your connection with the highest. It will help reduce anxiety, illnesses, depression. It will help you keep your mind clear, avoid manipulation and negative thoughts.

Harmonious space charms

Charm will transform the energy towards positive, harmonious atmosphere so all the people in the room will feel safe, kind and calm. Protect your surroundings from negative impacts, envy, hate or curse!