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When you place the order, I make this charm by my hands from gemstones beads and silver.


Height: 0.8 cm
Width: 20 cm

Care Instructions

I program each charm individually for its owner. By combining Reiki with Alchemy, charms obtain very strong energy that does not fade away. Therefore there is no need to renew the energy, purify it or avoid certain conditions. 

This charm will be active in your energy field forever. You will have a live relationship with this charm- you will feel its calm presence and you will feel it when you need it more and when you need it less. 

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Processing time takes about 14-21 days after payment confirmation;

 * The shipping time is usually from 14 to 30 business days.The Estimated delivery time in the USA, Canada - 7-14, Europe 5-7, Asia 10-20 business days;

* All orders will be checked and packaged carefully to ensure safe arrival.

* Shipping cost includes tracking number and confirmation. Your signature will be required at the time of delivery.

* If for some reason the package is sent back, you re-pay the shipping costs for re-sending. A refund in this situation is not possible, only re-sending. Please keep track of your tracking number so that you do not miss the delivery.

* Please remember to type your address carefully and to double-check spelling to avoid errors in shipment. 

Personalized money bracelet

Unlock YOUR abundance with a personalized wealth bracelet

Feeling exhausted from constant financial struggles? This bracelet isn't just a pretty accessory. It's an amulet symbolizing your new financial beginning. By wearing it daily, you'll attract wealth and prosperity into your life, paving the way for financial growth and opportunities.

Your personalized path to increasing possibilities

This isn't just a gemstone bracelet; it's like a channel of Universal energy tailored specifically to your essence. Crafted based on your birth details, featuring a specially designed money rune formula, and infused with alchemical power to resonate with your unique vibrations, this combination is incredibly potent for elevating your financial well-being to new heights!

Crafted with powerful runes like Jera, Uruz, Thurisaz, Fehu, Ehwaz, and Ansuz, this bracelet channels prosperity and abundance energies, attracting financial stability.

Jera symbolizes harvest and the fulfillment of goals, while Uruz represents strength and vitality. Thurisaz signifies protection and defense against obstacles, and Fehu embodies wealth and material prosperity. Ehwaz symbolizes progress and movement toward success, while Ansuz represents communication and the power of manifestation. Together, these runes create a potent formula specifically designed to enhance prosperity and well-being.


  • Astrologically aligned: tailored based on your birth details for a truly personalized experience.
  • Rune magic: featuring a specially designed rune formula amplifying the bracelet's power.
  • Energetically charged: magnifying your personal desires and vibrations up to 10 times.
  • Unique design: Each bracelet is as individual as you are, making it a truly unique treasure. These bracelets are personalized, and the specific stones used are carefully chosen based on recommendations from an astrologer. This meticulous approach ensures that each bracelet is not only unique but also perfectly aligned with your astrological profile, providing you with a one-of-a-kind piece that resonates with your personal energy.


  • Enhanced connection: feel a deeper bond with the forces of the Universe shaping your destiny.
  • Growth: harness the bracelet's energy to enhance your wealth and prosperity.
  • Energized opportunities: foster new business opportunities, clients, and projects aligned with your life's purpose.

Unique selling points:

  • Personalized integration: crafted to embody your desires and energy.
  • Astrological alignment: customized to your birth date and time—your unique life path.
  • Handcrafted amulet: more than just jewelry, it's a protective amulet programmed for your success.

Bring an end to your financial woes and embrace a future of abundance and prosperity with our personalized money bracelet. Elevate your life to new heights today!

*After placing your order, you MUST provide me with your birth details: date, time, and place. Additionally, a short video up to 1 minute where you briefly introduce yourself and share your desires is REQUIRED. My e-mail:

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