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When you place the order, I make this charm by my hands from 100% sterling silver and aquamarine.


Height: 6 cm
Width: 0.8 cm

Care Instructions

I program each charm individually for its owner. By combining Reiki with Alchemy, charms obtain very strong energy that does not fade away. Therefore there is no need to renew the energy, purify it or avoid certain conditions. 

This charm will be active in your energy field forever. You will have a live relationship with this charm- you will feel its calm presence and you will feel it when you need it more and when you need it less. 

Shipping & Returns

Processing time takes about 14-21 days after payment confirmation;

 * The shipping time is usually from 14 to 30 business days.The Estimated delivery time in the USA, Canada - 7-14, Europe 5-7, Asia 10-20 business days;

* All orders will be checked and packaged carefully to ensure safe arrival.

* Shipping cost includes tracking number and confirmation. Your signature will be required at the time of delivery.

* If for some reason the package is sent back, you re-pay the shipping costs for re-sending. A refund in this situation is not possible, only re-sending. Please keep track of your tracking number so that you do not miss the delivery.

* Please remember to type your address carefully and to double-check spelling to avoid errors in shipment. 

Aquamarine Drop Earrings

Boost your health, energy, and courage with our Health Charms - Aquamarine Earrings! Crafted from 100% sterling silver, these earrings feature the powerful aquamarine stone, renowned for its ability to absorb negative energy from others. Each charm is individually programmed, creating a personalized amulet that remains active in your energy field. Experience joy, happiness, and improved health through our specially crafted alchemy charm. With worldwide shipping available, take the first step towards a better quality of life—order now!

Aquamarine: A Stone of Courage and Empowerment:

Aquamarine, a courageous stone, aids meditation and helps overcome mental obstacles. It empowers you to assert yourself and communicate your needs without fear of judgment. Additionally, aquamarine builds self-trust by effectively absorbing negative energy from others.

Personalized Amulet for Improved Well-Being:

Our Aquamarine Earrings come with individually programmed charms, ensuring a personalized touch that aligns with your unique energy. Feel the transformative effects on your health, energy levels, and courage as you embrace the joy and happiness brought by this specially crafted alchemy charm.

Worldwide Shipping Available:

We offer worldwide shipping, making it convenient for you to access the benefits of our Health Charms - Aquamarine Earrings wherever you are. Take control of your well-being and order now to embark on a journey towards a better quality of life.

Customization Options:

If you love this piece but desire it as a love, protection, or money amulet, we can customize it according to your preferences. Contact us, and let's discuss how we can tailor this piece to meet your specific needs.

As a friendly reminder, while our Health Charms - Aquamarine Earrings are designed to enhance well-being, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized health advice.

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