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Resin, polymerclay flowers-green rose, amber, malachite, 24k gold


Dimensions: 5" (12 cm) base

Care Instructions

I program each charm individually for its owner. By combining Reiki with Alchemy, charms obtain very strong energy that does not fade away. Therefore there is no need to renew the energy, purify it or avoid certain conditions. 

This charm will be active in your energy field forever. You will have a live relationship with this charm- you will feel its calm presence and you will feel it when you need it more and when you need it less. 

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Flower Pyramid - Harmonize Your Space and Elevate Your Well-Being

Experience the Transformative Power of the Flower Pyramid

Are you seeking harmony and protection in your surroundings? Do you long for relief from the burdens of stress, panic, depression, and headaches? Look no further than the Flower Pyramid, a captivating orgonite pyramid that holds the key to harmonizing your space and elevating your well-being.

Find Inner Harmony and Empowerment

The Flower Pyramid is more than just a decorative piece; it's a personalized alchemy charm designed to create a harmonious environment and enhance your connection with the higher self. By harnessing the power of its special programming, this enchanting pyramid can:

  • Calm ego reactions, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate depression, lifting your spirits and promoting emotional well-being
  • Raise your vibrations, bringing you closer to a state of balance and serenity
  • Support weight loss efforts and help release stored negative emotions

Unleash the Energies of Gold Flakes, Baltic Sea Amber, and Malachite

The Flower Pyramid is adorned with 24k gold flakes, Baltic Sea Amber, and malachite, each with unique properties that contribute to your well-being:

  • Gold Flakes: Symbolizing wealth and enlightenment, gold flakes amplify the positive energy and vibrations within your space, promoting a sense of abundance and prosperity.

  • Baltic Sea Amber: A gemstone of ancient wisdom, Baltic Sea Amber enhances mental clarity, awareness, and intuition. It acts as a protective shield against negative energies, allowing you to navigate life with confidence and positivity.

  • Malachite: Known for its powerful and intense energy, malachite aids in weight loss efforts and assists in the release of stored emotions like anger and bitterness. It clears stagnant energy and paves the way for personal growth and transformation.

One-of-a-Kind Charm Crafted with Care

The Flower Pyramid is not just a mass-produced item; it's a handmade masterpiece created with love and attention to detail. Here's what makes it truly unique:

  • Personalized and Programmed: Each Flower Pyramid is individually personalized and programmed specifically for your house, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your energy and intentions.

  • Limited Availability: With only one unique item in stock, owning the Flower Pyramid means embracing exclusivity and rarity.

  • Handmade with Passion: Crafted with meticulous care, the Flower Pyramid embodies the dedication and passion of skilled artisans, making it a cherished piece of art.

Transform Your Space, Empower Your Life

The Flower Pyramid holds the promise of protection, harmony, and transformation. Say goodbye to the weight of stress, panic, depression, and headaches as you invite the soothing energies of this remarkable charm into your life. Embrace the pleasure it brings to your soul, and experience the joy of living in a space that is positively charged and filled with harmony.

Embrace the Magic of the Flower Pyramid Today

Unlock the power of the Flower Pyramid and create a sanctuary of peace and well-being in your home. Let it be a constant reminder of your strength and resilience, protecting you from negativity and nurturing your spirit. Don't miss this opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece that is as unique as you are.

Note: Trust your instinct and respond to the impulse in your abdomen or chest area if you feel drawn to this extraordinary charm.

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