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When you place the order, I make this charm by my hands from 100% sterling silver and carnelian beads.


Height: 3 cm
Width: 0.8 cm

Care Instructions

I program each charm individually for its owner. By combining Reiki with Alchemy, charms obtain very strong energy that does not fade away. Therefore there is no need to renew the energy, purify it or avoid certain conditions. 

This charm will be active in your energy field forever. You will have a live relationship with this charm- you will feel its calm presence and you will feel it when you need it more and when you need it less. 

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Carnelian Love Amulet Earrings

Unveiling Your Kindred Soul Connection

Step into a realm of profound self-discovery with our Carnelian Love Amulet Earrings – an embodiment of spiritual connection and love. Beyond their stunning design, these earrings are crafted to serve as a conduit for meeting your kindred soul. The specially programmed alchemy charm within amplifies the essence of love, fostering a unique harmony that transcends the ordinary.

Key Features:

  1. Soulful Connection and Emotional Resonance: Delve into the depths of your being as these earrings facilitate a powerful connection with your kindred soul. Feel the emotional resonance that transcends words, creating a sense of unity and understanding.

  2. Creative Unveiling and Confidence Boost: The vibrant energy of carnelian isn't just about self-esteem; it's a beacon guiding you towards the creative depths of your soul. Wear these earrings to unlock newfound confidence and creativity, bringing forth your true, authentic self.

  3. Harmonious Protection for Soul Alignment: The alchemy charm weaves a protective cocoon, shielding you from discordant energies and allowing your soul to align harmoniously. Navigate life authentically, free from external influences that hinder your connection with your true self.

Respond to Your Soul's Whisper:

If you sense a subtle whisper in the depths of your being, these earrings are the answer. The Carnelian Love Amulet is designed to help you not only discover but also strengthen your bond with your kindred soul. It's a reminder to listen to the whispers of your heart and embark on a journey of self-love and connection.

The Power of Carnelian Soul Magic:

Carnelian, with its radiant energy, goes beyond empowerment; it's a guide to your soul's core. Let these earrings be a beacon, illuminating the path to self-love and discovery. The energy of carnelian resonates with your soul, encouraging you to embrace your true nature.

Embark on a Soulful Journey:

Wear these earrings as your companions on a soulful journey. Let them serve as a reminder that, in every moment, you are connected to your kindred soul. The Carnelian Love Amulet Earrings are more than adornments; they are a celebration of the beautiful connection you share with your inner self and the universe.

Immerse yourself in the magic of soulful connection with our Carnelian Love Amulet Earrings, where every glance in the mirror is a reminder of the profound bond you share with your kindred soul.

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