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Resin, 24k gold, polymer clay flowers, glow-in-the-dark sands, peridot.


10 cm base

Care Instructions

I program each charm individually for its owner. By combining Reiki with Alchemy, charms obtain very strong energy that does not fade away. Therefore there is no need to renew the energy, purify it or avoid certain conditions. 

This charm will be active in your energy field forever. You will have a live relationship with this charm- you will feel its calm presence and you will feel it when you need it more and when you need it less. 

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Flower Pyramid - Harmonize Your Space and Elevate Your Well-being

Embrace Harmony and Serenity with the Orgonite Flower Pyramid

Welcome to a world of tranquility and emotional balance with our exquisite Orgonite pyramid adorned with a flower-shaped alchemy charm. Specially programmed to harmonize your space and environment, this captivating pyramid is meticulously crafted using natural peridot crystals and embellished with 24k gold flakes. Experience the transformative power of this charm as it calms ego reactions, reduces depression and anxiety, raises vibrations, and strengthens your connection with your higher self.

Discover the Healing Energy of Peridot Crystals

The Flower Pyramid harnesses the vitality and healing energy of Peridot, an extraordinary crystal known for its remarkable properties:

  • Peridot Crystals: Immerse yourself in the invigorating energy of Peridot. This radiant crystal stimulates the mind and fosters a deep connection with the Divine Mind during meditation. It neutralizes physical, emotional, and mental impurities, promoting mental clarity and emotional balance.

Unlock a World of Benefits

Indulge in the unique benefits of the Flower Pyramid and unlock a life filled with harmony and well-being. Here's what awaits you:

  • Pleasure for Your Soul: Immerse yourself in a realm of soulful delight as the Flower Pyramid creates a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere in your surroundings.

  • Calms Ego Reactions: Bid farewell to the turbulence of ego reactions that hinder your inner peace and well-being. The Flower Pyramid gently soothes your ego, allowing you to embrace a state of calm and emotional balance.

  • Reduces Depression and Anxiety: Say goodbye to the weight of depression and anxiety as the Flower Pyramid's healing energy envelops you. Experience a renewed sense of joy and serenity as you navigate life with ease.

  • Raises Your Vibrations: Elevate your energetic frequency and unlock your true potential. The Flower Pyramid's vibrations resonate with your soul, promoting personal growth and attracting positive experiences.

Experience the Transformation Today

The Flower Pyramid is a personalized and meticulously programmed treasure designed to harmonize your space and bring inner peace. With only one unique item in stock, this handmade orgonite masterpiece awaits its rightful place in your home. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life and bask in the protective embrace of the Flower Pyramid.

Note: Trust your instincts and embark on a journey of protection, harmony, and elevated well-being. The Flower Pyramid holds the key to unlocking your inner strength and guiding you towards a life of serenity and fulfillment.


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